Jørgen is a freelance academic, writer and trainer. With more than 40 years of experience in different social movements, he combines cutting edge theories with an enormous amount of practical work in around 100 countries. Jørgen has written and edited six books and published hundreds of articles and chapters on nonviolence, democracy, conflicts, civil disobedience, environmental issues, terrorism, globalisation, and other topics. The chair of War Resisters’ International from 1991 to 1998, he is a regular lecturer at universities in numerous countries and gives workshops and trainings on all continents. He is editor of the peer-reviewed journal Resistance Studies Magazine and affiliated to several institutions in Europe and USA.


Majken is a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Karlstad, Sweden. She received her doctorate in 2015 for her thesis “Humorous Political Stunts: Nonviolent Public Challenges to Power”. In this research project Majken researched humour as a method in nonviolent action, but also used humour practically together with the Swedish anti-militarist network. The basic question underlying Majken’s research is how people change society. Her interest in nonviolent social movements, conflict transformation as well as humour and political activism has to a large degree focused on participants’ experiences and people’s agency and ability to create change from below. The question of how change occurs has taken Majken to social science areas such as social movement theory, resistance studies and sociology of humour, law, history and emotions. Majken’s research has frequently been explorative, probing areas where little or nothing has been written academically previously and the result has often been innovative frameworks and models based on case studies. Her research is published in books and articles in international peer-reviewed journals. Majken is currently interested in exploring everyday resistance in the so-called welfare states with institutional ethnography.


Dr. Stellan Vinthagen is Professor of Sociology, and the Inaugural Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Journal of Resistance Studies, and Co-Leader of the Resistance Studies Group at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has since 1980 been an educator, organizer and activist, participating in numerous nonviolent civil disobedience actions, for which he has served a total of more than one year in prison. One of his books is A Theory of Nonviolent Action - How Civil Resistance Works (2015).